Lead Lifecycle Management Service

Lead Lifecycle Management Service seeks to lighten your workload and save your staff headcount in getting leads and converting them to prospects to customers.

Go Global Lead Lifecycle Management Service helps your organization overcome resource issues and time-loss in converting leads to prospects to customers.

We track and adjust each stage of the lead lifecycle to ensure optimum results. With our service, your sales team will no longer get poor quality leads but able to achieve higher productivity in closing sales for your business.

Lead lifecycle management is a real challenge. Leads should be met with unique attention at every stage of the buyer’s journey. However when you start to scale your pipeline, that’s much easier said than done. With speed being a key factor in converting leads to opportunities, you need a lead lifecycle that quickly and accurately guides buyers through information gathering, evaluation, and eventual decision making.

Lead Lifecycle Management Service

What is lead lifecycle management?

Fundamentally, the lead lifecycle is the entire process by which leads are collected (generated), evaluated, segmented, qualified, and make their way to your sales team. The process begins the moment an individual or organisation engages with your digital assets such as website. And, all the way until they become a sales qualified opportunity.

The lead lifecycle spans both marketing and sales, and often relies on pre-specified scoring criteria to determine precisely where a lead should reside. This management process consist of four main stages: Lead Generation, Lead Scoring, Lead Nurturing and Lead Distribution.

Stage 1 - Lead Generation

Our Lead Generation module caters to the development of result-driven digital strategy and design of digital assets in various channels to collect leads for your business.

Stage 2 - Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring helps you focus on your most qualified leads. Firstly, it prioritises leads based on their respond to show how likely they are to close. Secondly, how much they are likely to spend. Thirdly, how quickly they are to make the purchase. This helps to prioritise leads to close sales faster.

Stage 4 - Lead Distribution

Lead distribution is the process in which high scoring and nurtured leads are assigned to a sales staff on your team. The main goal of lead distribution is to reduce lead response time and ensure that each lead is assigned to the right sales staff. In this module, we ensure that each valuable lead is dedicated to your qualified sales staff to close the deal.

Stage 3 - Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing allows you to stay in touch with qualified leads until they are ready to buy. This module provides personalised content to constantly engage the leads. It not only helps them get to know your brand but also keep you in mind when they are ready to make a purchase.