AI Sales Chatbot Software

AI Sales Chatbot Software aims to engage your website visitors in real-time conversation and generate more leads and sales. So you can sell more on your website.

AI Sales Chatbot software is a computer program that can simulate human communication via text chats. Chatbots are programmed with the elements of artificial intelligence to recognize elements of speech and engage in simple tasks based on the triggers. Many chatbots can be integrated with messaging apps or websites. AI Sales Chatbots are used in online conversations, usually replacing a human operator of a live chat. They can be a powerful tool to engage your website visitors. For instance, answer FAQs, generate leads, and save abandoned carts.

Artificial Intelligence Sales Chatbot

Which business should use chatbots?

Any business that gets a lot of queries from the customers and/or offers a range of similar products, such as an e-commerce site, will benefit from using a chatbot among their marketing tools. Thus, AI Sales Chatbots can be helpful wherever customer experience is key. Types of chatbot supported by the solution are:

  • Sales Generation Chatbots
  • Customer Service Automation Chatbots
  • Customer Support Team’s Workload Reduction Chatbots

The benefits of using Chatbots: