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A.I. Driven Sales Campaign

Delivers the most effective promotions

This A.I. driven sales campaign software is a solution for e-commerce stores to deliver the most effective promotions while saving your margins by personalising promotion for every single shopper.

Personalised Conversion Incentives

Intent Decision Engine
A.I Predictive Engine uses machine-learning engine analyses billions of
e-commerce sessions per week along with each visitor’s behavioral, device,
and product data to determine the incentive each needs to convert them
(if any at all).


Brand affinities Shopping journey Similar visitors Traffic source
First timer or returning


Product preferences Product price Product relevance Content viewed Browsing patterns Shopping intensity Network known affinities


Device type
Device strength
Available CPU
Wifi strength Battery status


Traffic source Purchasing plaforms
Coupon extensions
Unwanted ads
Price comparison extension


Product preferences Shopping intensity Traffic source Purchasing patterns Content analysis

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