AI Automated Sales Campaign Software

AI Automated Sales Campaign Software is a solution for e-commerce stores to deliver the most effective promotions while saving your margins by personalising promotion for every single shopper.

Site-wide promotion on e-commerce store is the most popular promotional tactic used by companies. However, what we found, when applying store-wide promotion, e-commerce stores are either offering too few frequency in the promotions or the wrong promotion discounts. As a result, revenue was lost or they offer too many frequency promotions. Thus, this hurt margins and brand perception. Either way, you are losing customers because either they do not get what they need to convert, or they end up being “promotionally numb”. On which side of the coin would you position your brand’s promotions?

We are excited to introduce AI Automated Sales Campaign Software – a solution that delivers the most effective promotion at the ideal moment in the customer journey. It replaces generic site-wide promotions with personalised and individualised incentives your shoppers will love and increases your margin.

Artificial Intelligence Automated Sales Campaign

Promotions Conformity To Promotions Diversification

The software maximizes profitability & saves the margin by being the only promotion engine that automatically diversifies the promotional offer based on the shoppers’ intent. Our Machine Learning predicts & determines the right incentive to complete the journey – from minimum discount promotion to zero offer. Therefore we protect the margin from unnecessary promotions being offered to shoppers who already intended to buy.

When implemented in your e-commerce store, the software:

  • Saves Margins & Increases Sales
    Automated promotion that knows shoppers’ buying intention, behaviour, consideration and offers the minimum and most effective incentives.
  • Knows Who Needs a Promotion
    Offers promotion ONLY to shoppers who need them. Do not waste promotions on shoppers who would buy anyway or have no intention to buy.
  • Drives All Your Promotional Needs
    An all-in-one promotion machine to drive e-commerce growth. Click to install, plan and create personalized promotions.

Other benefits include: